Ukulele & Tuner

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This Rainbow Colours Ukulele Set is a simple way of learning to play the ukulele. It uses a colour coded string and musical note system, plus numbered frets to make it easy for beginners to get started. The included book has a visual style to be easy for even early learners to follow.


• The Rainbow Colours Ukulele would be perfect for use at home or school if you're learning to play the guitar for the first time.
• It's a simple way to learn about music and how to play an instrument.
• The ukulele has a wooden construction with colour coded strings.
• The pack comes with a ukulele plus a Rainbow Colours book.
• It is suitable for learners aged 3 and up.
• Visual style of the book is great for ages 3-15 years, as well as students with learning difficulties or dyslexia
• Coloured Nylon strings already strung to the ukulele included in the package
• Quality musical instrument in the size of a Soprano Ukulele.