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Geared Up for Winter

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

Winter warmers that gamers are really looking for.

Having conversations with fellow gamers is like having a warm cup of coffee on a winter’s day. You literally feel the warmth run down your spine!

Suddenly you are talking about the love for a certain character or the best game you ever played and even the thrill of a much-anticipated game yet to come.

What if you could literally wear the PlayStation Logo on your sleeve and show your love for the great technology and breakthroughs that PlayStation has shown over the years?

The answer, you can.

The bonus, it will keep you warm through the coldest winter day.

From comfy sweatpants and hoodies for those comfy warm clothes kind of days, to jackets that keep the wind out.

The official PlayStation clothing range pairs style with the love for console gaming. Must haves to keep warm this winter: KOODOO Winter Sale

We have also added consoles and games to our winter sale, sending you on an adventure without you bracing the cold outdoors.


We take you back in time to 1994 from the comfort of your home with the PlayStation Classic Console. Time warping back to the present with deals on PlayStation 5 accessories like the DualSense Wireless Controller.


Swing through the city with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition and explore an alien plant in Returnal.


There is a range of Cable Guys, the original phone and controller holder, to choose from. Have the fire breathing Spyro as your gaming buddy or have an Avenger hold your phone so your hands do not freeze. 


There is a solution to fight the cold for everyone with our latest promotions.



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