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Let's Talk: Resident Evil 4 - Remake

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

Today we're talking about Resident Evil 4 - the remake. The game is set to release on March 24, 2023, and the reviews are already out. From what we can tell, the game ticks all the boxes for a great PS5 game. Capcom has been overhauling some of its best IPs, and it's striking a fine balance between staying true to the initial game and meeting gamers' expectations for next-gen games.

One of the most impressive aspects of Resident Evil 4 is the combat system. Capcom has managed to stay true to the original game's mechanics, which were already sublime, while adding new layers of depth and complexity. The combat system feels familiar, yet fresh, which is a testament to Capcom's ingenuity.

Another impressive aspect of Resident Evil 4 is the fixed camera work. While many modern horror games rely on first-person perspectives, Capcom has opted for the classic fixed camera angles. This gives the game a unique and eerie atmosphere, and it keeps players on the edge of their seats


One area where the remake truly shines is in its story and character development. Capcom has taken the time to round off the characters, making them feel more like real people than simply tools for players to progress through the game. Additionally, Capcom has made genuine improvements to the story, making it more cohesive and engaging.

Capcom wasn't afraid to strip the remake of what didn't work in the original. While many remakes simply update graphics and leave the gameplay unchanged, Capcom has taken the time to revaluate what worked and what didn't. This has resulted in a much smoother and more satisfying gameplay experience.

It's hard to believe that the original Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005. The game was ground-breaking at the time, and it's still considered a classic by many gamers today. However, Capcom clearly understands what made the original great. They made alterations where necessary, and they've made the horror game much more pleasing to the eye.

In conclusion, Capcom has knocked it out of the park with the Resident Evil 4 remake. The game stays true to its roots while adding new layers of depth and complexity. The fixed camera angles give the game a unique and eerie atmosphere, while the story and character development are genuinely impressive. Capcom clearly understands what made the original great, and they've made the necessary improvements to make the remake even better. If you're a fan of horror games or simply a fan of the Resident Evil series, the remake of Resident Evil 4 is a must-play.


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