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Resident Evil Village Demo overview

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

The road to the launch of Resident Evil Village is an interesting one.

Capcom have laid out a detailed road map featuring trailer launches, teasers and most excitedly, lots of demo gameplay (

The demo gameplay kicked off with “Maiden” giving fans of the franchise a taste of the style of gameplay and graphics that’s to be expected in the full game.

A demo that was meant to showcase next gen capabilities, was instead hijacked by the larger than life (literally) Lady Dimitrescu.

At almost 2.9 metres tall, Lady Dimitrescu is a towering presence in the Maiden demo. Fans immediately latched on to this ‘presence’ and the memes are still flowing in. Viewer discretion is advised.

Maiden is still available for download on the PlayStation family of consoles, check it out here

Next up we had the demo, The Village. This limited time demo showcased what looks to be storyline gameplay and environment. Set in The Village beneath the spires of The Castle, The Village demo allows us to spend some time with the games unwilling protagonist, Ethan Winters.

Looking for his kidnapped daughter, Ethan sets about to explore the Village. Hoping for a terror free day out in the mountains (he should know better) Ethan is faced with Lycans, goats, strange villagers, an old lady and terror, lots of it. Quite the character ensemble.

In all seriousness, give the demo a go, it is a fantastic look into what Resident Evil Village has to offer.

Coming this weekend, the demo of The Castle goes live.

Fans are hoping to piece together what exactly is going on up there, and of course, are eager to run into our dear lady, Lady Dimitrescu.

This too will be a limited time demo. If you miss either demos, there will be an opportunity to play both demos on the 2nd of May.

Just a note, the first two round of demos are exclusive to PlayStation (PS4 & PS5), the last demo will be available to all platforms.

Capcom has given us the fans something special here, 3 weeks of gameplay building up to the games launch on the 7th of May.

Which character are you most excited to see in Resident Evil Village?

I want to know what is going on with Chris!

P.S. Those of you lucky enough to have a PS5, what has 4K, 60FPS Resident evil felt like thus far?

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