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The first major PS5 Console update is Now Available!

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Say hello to new storage options and social features.


 News straight from PlayStation, Hideaki Nishino-Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management
“We’re only scratching the surface of the many updates and improvements we’ve made across PS5, PS4, and PS App, so check them out and let us know what you think!”

April is surely going to be packed with enhanced gameplay with the new updates from PlayStation.

Below is a breakdown of what April has in store for PlayStation gamers!


Store PS5 games on USB extended storage, share gameplay across PS5 and PS4 consoles, and more!


PS5 Storage Expansion and Management

Store PS5 Games on Compatible External USB Drives.

  • Transfer your PS5 games to USB extended storage from your console’s internal storage. Extend the storage capabilities of your PS5 console, and you can seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you’re ready to play.
  • Games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option.

Speaking of storage, coming soon to PS5 console is the functionality to support storage expansion via M.2 drives feature


New Social Features for PS4 and PS5 Consoles

Cross-generation Share Play. 

  • PS5 console users can let their friends on PS4 consoles view their game screen, or even try out the PS5 games through Share Play, and vice versa. Options include the ability to share your screen with a friend, pass your controller virtually to a friend, or pass a second controller virtually to play co-op games together.


Request to Join Game Session.

  • A selection of your friends’ joinable game sessions will now appear on both PS5 and PS4 consoles, allowing for more gameplay opportunities together.


Enhanced Control and Personalization Options for PS5 Consoles

  • Improved Game Base. 
  • Disable Game Chat or Adjust Players’ Volume. 
  • Game Update Pre-download. 
  • Customize Game Library. 
  • Screen Zoom. 
  • New Trophy Settings and Stats Screen. 


New Features for PlayStation App

  • Ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5 from the app
  • Manage your PS5 console storage,
  • Compare trophy collections with friends, and sort and filter products shown in the PlayStation Store.
  • More is yet to come from PlayStation and we really can not wait. We look forward to seeing just how much this powerful console can evolve.


For detailed information to the April updates check Here 

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