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Next Gen VR Controllers

Posted by Nalisha Pillay on

Following on the hugely successful launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony has been teasing us with information on the new PlayStation Virtual Reality system, well played Sony, we are excited!

3 weeks ago, Sony introduced the “Next generation of VR on PlayStation”

Highlights included a reworked cable management system(YAY!), improved graphics and increased field of view. All of this powered by next -gen hardware in the PS5.

One thing that was conspicuously missing was the announcement on what technology and packaging the next gen controller would come with. Apart from one line in the press release and rumours across social media, all was quiet.

Sony broke that silence today with news that the new controller would carry on the next-gen feel and look like this, an “Orb” shape.

The unique shape of the controller is designed to offer players freedom of movement while sitting naturally in the hand.

The inclusion of finger touch detection and tracking hints at some exciting possibilities, players can expect deeper, immersive gameplay in naturally intuitive worlds!

Other highlights include technology from the PS5 such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

We cannot wait to get our hands on these and onto your doorstep!

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