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A Sneak Peek of PS5 Global ad release

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PS 5 Global Ad Release

PlayStation fans are on the edge of their seats about the PS5TM launch, and so are we!

Counting down the days to Holiday season is not so much about white sandy beaches or a getaway, but rather a new and improved generation of PlayStation that focuses on user experience and diving into immersive gameplay.

Each generation inspires the PlayStation team to create a unique story that entices the viewer and gives them a taste of what to expect from the latest PS console. The first global ad for PlayStation have been nothing short of miraculous.

PlayStation 5 – Play Has No Limits

KOODOO Blog - PlayStation 5 Play Has No Limits Video

The team writes about the features and how they were inspired to showcase this experience visually through their marketing;

In our first global digital ad for the PS5 console, you’ll see the new console’s features come to life through a young woman’s eyes and her movements. It starts as she walks across a frozen lake, feeling the crack of ice at her feet. As the character senses danger, the sudden explosive reveal of the kraken from the icy surface showcases the haptic feedback sensation you can feel from DualSense™ wireless controller for the PS5 console. 

Sound then comes from all directions as the central character reacts to everything she hears – whether it’s coming from the front, the side, above, or from behind her – showcasing the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Closing out the spot – as the central character draws her bow – the tension of her bowstring is a sensation you’ll also feel, made possible through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers.

We are quite excited about these features and we can’t wait for you all to get more immersed in the world of games with the PS5 console and DualSense wireless controller in your own hands. 

Our partners in the development community have been hard at work either creating or dreaming up the next generation of games. Read on to learn some of the ways they are working with the DualSense wireless controller and its built-in capabilities.”

Be sure to be on the lookout as we will be sharing all the info in the coming weeks!

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