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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Kill The Justice League, Suicide Squad, DC Comics, Video Games, Super Heroes, KOODOO

As the name suggests you'll be in the line of fire with the World's Greatest DC Super Heroes, the Justice League. You'll join the infamous task force of Amanda Waller a.k.a the Suicide Squad, as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and our personal favorite Captain Boomerang.

As a third-person shooter game, this will take place in an open world in the city of Metropolis.

The just of the storyline as we have gathered from the teaser trailers is that you play as the Suicide Squad trying to take down the Justice League all while being mindful of the lethal implanted explosives that could go off at any wrong move. If that wasn't enough drama for you there is an alien invasion happening at the same time and the Justice League manipulates the situation so that they are out of the Suicide Squads' crosshairs and now missioned on stopping the attack.

In the franchise, we have seen some unique abilities and a variety of weapons to be mastered.

This is going to be a great team game for the couch, choose your experience from a single-player or multiplayer co-op dynamic.

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