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Death Stranding Review Round Up

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

Death Stranding

Overwhelming Praise

With the review embargo for Death Stranding having finally been lifted, the team at KOODOO are here to provide a spoiler-free round-up reviews for Hideo Kojima’s latest passion project.

So, with a big budget behind its name, a plethora of with Hollywood actors to draw from, and a ton of marketing to drive home the ambiguous, downright confusing tone of the game, how has Death Stranding faired amongst critics? The answer: pretty damn good!

Local reviewers are raving as to Kojima’s latest title.

Death Stranding PS4

Critical Hit – (8/10)

[Death Stranding] blossoms into a captivating tale with intriguing themes, solidified by compelling performances and an eventually satisfying pace to its gameplay.

SA Gamer – (9/10)

Death Stranding is the rebirth of one of our industry greats and Hideo Kojima’s about to set you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Fortress of Solitude – (9.2/10)

Hideo Kojima has mastered the art of combining both film and video gaming, and the amalgamation is something revolutionary for both fields

NAG – (8.5/ 10)

This is a resounding return to form for Kojima.

Glitched Africa – (10/10)

A Generation-Defining Experience.

Nexus Hub – (9.2/10)

Death Stranding is everything you hoped and feared it would be.

GES – (9.5/10)

Amazing story and unbelievable setting.

Hypertext – (8/10)

Death Stranding is a bit of a fever dream.

Vamers – (9.5/10)

Masterfully Interconnected Isolation.


 Link to PS4 product: Death Stranding

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