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November Complimentary Games Now Available

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

Complimentary Games November 2019

All PS Plus Subscribers are now eligible to download both Nioh and Outlast 2

The November 2019 allocation of blockbuster games are now available for download from the PlayStation network. This month, PlayStation plus subscribers are eligible to download both Nioh, and Outlast 2.

Outline of November PS4 Games:



Nioh is a historical action role-playing game blending concepts of Ninja Gaiden with Dark Souls, Nioh focuses on fast and precise combat. Nioh is set during the samurai era allowing players to feel what it's like to be a samurai.


Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a first-person survival horror video game. A journalist named Blake Langermann, along with his wife Lynn, roams the Arizona desert to explore the murder of a pregnant woman only known as Jane Doe. Blake and Lynn get separated in a helicopter crash, and Blake has to find his wife while traveling through a village inhabited by a deranged sect that believes the end of days are upon them.


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