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Dolmen | Pre-Order on KOODOO

Posted by Bianca le Roux on


Pour yourself a drink and get comfy, this is going to be a challenge.

Dolmen, the horror sci-fi roguelike shooter from Massive Work Studio is about to terrorise players across the globe.

Your mission is simple. A distress call from a distant mining colony has raised alarms and sent you off to investigate. This distant mining colony is on a planet called Revion Prime. Home to the Dolmen crystal, and the reason humanity is here.

The Dolmen crystal is vital for humanities expansion as it allows for interdimensional travel. Thus, there is only one real objective here: secure Revion Prime.

Standing between you and this objective are monsters that appear to have used the powers of the thing you are here to protect, the Dolmen crystal.

Dolmen combines facets of cosmic horror and rogulike gameplay to create an eery off world atmosphere, where death can truly set you back.

To survive this world you will need to mange your stamina as this is key to overcoming the brutal monsters who now call Revion Prime home. Switch between attack methods and use elemental weaknesses against your foes. If you can make it back to where you died, you can reclaim your XP, that’s if you make it.

Dolmen releases on the 20th of May across PS5, PS4, Xbox one and Xbox Series X/S.

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