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MotoGP 22 New In KOODOO

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Step up and into the boots of legends. Moto GP is back.

The latest iteration of Moto GP, Moto GP 22 is all about realism and immersion. Leveraging the power of the next generation of hardware will allow for the lines between reality and gaming to blur.

New and exclusive to Moto GP 22 is the exciting addition of (NINE) Season 2009. This unique and fascinating take on the single player narrative allows players to experience the classic 2009 Moto GP season. Play as legendary racers, Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa and Lorenzo as you take on 39 unique challenges set across the season. These challenges recreate pivotal moments in the title race; defend your leader spot, take on aggressive riders and race from the back of the pack to glory. Acclaimed director Mark Neale has created a documentary feature that ties in with the character gameplay. Using footage of the races, interviews with key characters and interesting anecdotes from those involved, Moto GP has created an interactive documentary that pulls players into the emotions of 2009 season all over again.

Moto GP 22 reintroduces the Managerial career mode where you as manager dictate the direction the team will take. You decide where research spending is allocated, you decide on the team strategy for the season, it is up to you.

For new-comers to the Moto GP franchise the reworked tutorial mode will teach riders the racing basics, getting them ready for the Moto GP academy. The Moto GP academy is for experienced riders or those looking to increase their skill base. Get tutorials from the pros and become an elite level rider.

The mechanics and functions of Moto GP 22 have been reworked too. The integrated Riding Analysis System will provide live feedback on how you as a rider are performing. Offering suggestions to improve your skill and gaming experience.

The track surfaces, suspension, tyre, and fuel consumption systems have been reworked. The AI system, A.N.N.A has been revised to create races that mirror the intensity and pressure of real-world racing.

Lastly, exciting news for fans of the 2-player couch co-op experience. Two player split screen will feature for the first time in the Moto GP series. Keep an eye out for Online multi player too. Moto GP will support cross play on consoles from the same family.

The Binder boys are on track representing South Africa, with both being playable characters. Who will you choose to play as?

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