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Is F1 2021 the Best iteration yet, and if so, why?

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Over the 2021 season, Formula 1 has garnered the attention of a new global audience. People who had never shared an interest with the sport find themselves avid viewers of the races on a Sunday, as well as feeding off the trackside drama, speculation, and news. This presents the perfect timing for the launch of the new F1 game.  

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The realistic element of the new game brings the player closer to the world of F1 through a truly immersive experience, along with some new features and modes. Now better than ever – we know, we have played it. 
Is F1 2021 the best iteration yet, and if so, why? 
Well, yes. The simplest answer would be that every element of the previous game has been perfected a little more to ensure an overall experience unique to F1 2021. That is not all, they have also added a new story mode “The braking point” 

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The gameplay feels a lot more realistic regarding the handling of the cars, the effect of racing amongst other cars and the difference in car characteristics between the different teams and car setups as well. The visual experience has not disappointed either, while driving, you tend to feel like you really are Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari SF21, leading the race as if for your entire life’s work had culminated in this moment.  
We were fortunate in that we were able to experience the new game on PlayStation 5 which brings with it some revolutionary advancements in the gaming world, some of which lend extremely well to F1 2021. The main feature which impacted and enhanced the F1 experience was the new DualSense controller, with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The implementation of this next generation technology means that while driving, you feel what the car is doing under braking and acceleration whilst you are closely following the car ahead of you. This is a game-changer as it means you no longer depend solely on what you see in front of you, but you can feel it too and that is something we did not think possible with a racing game. 
As F1 fans, we know F1 has always been one of the more difficult racing games to perfect due the need for precision and accuracy. Having played with a group of people, some of which have never had any interest in F1 and witnessing how big the smile was on all our faces, we can safely say that F1 2021 is a big success!  

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