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Nacon PS5 Accessories

Posted by Koodoo Coza on

Nacon new releases

Nacon need no introduction in the gaming world. Their products are synonymous with innovative design and quality.

With that being said, KOODOO is thrilled to announce the launch of four groundbreaking products from Nacon that are set to enhance your gaming experience!


Nacon PS5 Accessories | KOODOO

External Battery for DualSense Edge Controller

First up, we have the innovative External Battery for the DualSense Edge controller. Designed to extend your gameplay and keep you in action for longer. Say goodbye to interrupted sessions and hello to endless entertainment. Simply attach it to your DualSense Edge controller, and you're good to go.


Nacon PS5 Accessories | KOODOO

Pro Gaming Pack for DualSense Controller

The Pro Gaming Pack for the DualSense controller is here to elevate your game. This pack includes premium accessories that are engineered to enhance precision, comfort, and control, giving you the competitive edge you need. This bundle includes joystick head grips, precision rings, L1/R1 replacements triggers and L2/R2 trigger stops. Whether you're a casual gamer or a pro, this pack has you covered.

Nacon PS5 Accessories | KOODOO


USB Hub Station for PlayStation 5 Slim

For those who love a sleek and organized gaming setup, the USB Hub Station for PlayStation 5 Slim is a game-changer. This hub not only expands your console's connectivity but also maintains the aesthetic appeal of your gaming area with its minimalist design. With extra USB ports, you can connect more peripherals, charge devices, and transfer data seamlessly. The hub also supports pass through powering the PSVR 2.


Nacon PS5 Accessories | KOODOO

Controller Charging Dock for PlayStation 5

The Controller Charging Dock for PlayStation 5 is the perfect solution for gamers tired of juggling cables. This dock offers a convenient and fast charging solution, ensuring your controllers are always ready for action. The charging dock supports both the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers.

Each of these products has been meticulously crafted with gamer's needs in mind, blending functionality with style. Nacon's commitment to quality and innovation shines through in these latest offerings, promising to enhance your gaming sessions and bring unparalleled convenience to your life. NACON continues to push boundaries, and these innovations are proof of their commitment to enhancing your gaming journey.

All of these products are available on KOODOO, grab yours and elevate your gaming!

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