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The Latest in Gaming | New Release and Pre-Orders

Posted by Koodoo Coza on

Latest gaming releases 

The gaming landscape of 2024 has been a thrilling ride with a plethora of titles that have captivated the hearts and thumbs of players worldwide. From the enchanting realms of fantasy to the gritty edges of dystopian futures, the releases thus far have offered something for every type of gamer.

Leading the charge was the much-anticipated Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a revival of the classic series that has both charmed long-time fans and welcomed newcomers with its intricate puzzles and revamped visuals. Not far behind was The Last of Us Part II Remastered, a title that needs little introduction. This remastered version brought the full power of the PlayStation 5 to life with stunning graphics and immersive story telling.

Also featuring in January were Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Tekken 8. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is an epic RPG adventure that spans from Japan to Hawaii. The game offers a vast world to explore, filled with quests and activities, and allows players to engage in strategic battles with a variety of customization options. Some have said this is the greatest game in the franchise! Tekken 8 continues the intense saga of the Mishima bloodline with 32 characters engaging in aggressive fighting. This latest installment introduces the 'Heat' system, enhancing the combat experience with new tactics and super moves, set against the backdrop of high-fidelity graphics and destructible environments.

Like January, February was a heavy hitter, with both critically acclaimed and instant classics being launched.  Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Persona 3 Reload both saw successful re-releases, being praised for bringing the best features of the classic games to life in 4K. The surprise for many this month was Helldivers 2. Helldivers 2 turned out to be massively popular, with more servers being needed to keep in line with the demand to play the game.

March saw the release of "MLB The Show 24," which continued to refine the beloved baseball simulation series. Vanillaware hit it out the park again with the critically acclaimed Unicorn Overlord. Dragon's Dogma 2 dropped late in March promising a thrilling adventure in a vast world filled with mystery and action. With a deep combat system that allows for fast-paced battles against giant monsters, the game offers a unique challenge that rewards strategic thinking and skillful play.

Things quietened down in April, but those in the know did not miss out on Stellar Blade. Stellar Blade has seen massive player support with a User score of 9.3 on Metacritic(May 2024) putting it in the category of “Universal Acclaim”!

As we look ahead, the excitement doesn't wane, with titles like Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, Ghost of Tsushima directors cut for PC, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance and Metaphor: Refantazio on the near horizon. The gaming industry continues to evolve and expand, bringing us experiences that not only entertain but also challenge and inspire. It's a great time to be a gamer, and 2024 is shaping up to be a year that will be remembered for its rich tapestry of digital storytelling and innovation. For a more detailed look at the games that have defined the year so far, and to pre-order any game you cant wait to play, jump on to

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