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On the 23rd of February 2021, 3 months post launch of the world’s fastest selling console, Sony PlayStation made an incredibly important announcement about the future of gaming. That announcement, PlayStation Virtual Reality 2(PSVR2). The significance behind this announcement should not be underestimated. If one of the pillars of gaming is immersivity, I challenge you to find a better construction material for that pillar than Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality has sat in the back of our collective consciousness ever since sci-fi shows first teased us with the amazing power of this technology. The idea of virtual reality is not a foreign concept to humanity; indeed, it is part of our very nature to wonder. To remove ourselves from the here and now, the ability to look forward, dream and plan, this is what sets us apart. Have you not stared as a bird took flight and wondered, what would that be like? It is woven into our human DNA, the desire to be anything, anywhere at any time.

So, what does this have to do with gaming and VR?

Consider the monumental technological advancements we have seen the last 50 years. Now consider for a moment where gaming might be 10-20 years from now. Are we still gaming on consoles? Are you gaming on your TV? What does gaming look like?

Firstly, gaming is a vast industry, that caters for all. Some are happy to still play on PlayStation 3, others prefer mobile gaming, some want cutting edge technology in their homes. Picture this cutting-edge technology in the near future, virtual reality is most certainly involved in some shape and form.

Why Virtual Reality? Because it speaks to us as humans! It caters to that desire to feel more, be anything and step outside of ourselves.

This is why Sony PlayStations announcement about PSVR 2 is so important. It speaks to the future of gaming. Sony is clearly in this for the long run, PSVR is no gimmick.

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What can gamers expect from PSVR 2?

There has been a lot of speculation and rumours surrounding PSVR 2.

This is what we know so far:

  • Do not expect PSVR 2 in 2021
  • Do expect increased field of view (FoV) Essentially, being able to see more both left and right and up and down.
  • Increased resolution. Expect what you are seeing to be sharper and boast more detail.
  • Enhanced tracking. How this will be implemented Sony are yet to say.
  • Less clutter. Connect PSRV 2 with one cable to your console, hallelujah!
  • Compatible with PlayStation 5. More power=better experiences!

    PSVR 2, PlayStation,

Sony have also announced a new controller, that honestly looks amazing!

This new controller will incorporate features from the DualSense such as Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers. It will also incorporate technology specifically designed to enhance the VR experience.

  • The new design of the controller allows for freedom of movement with little to no constraints, yet still ensuring the safety of the controller in the hand. (Beat Saber looking at you)
  • Finger touch detection will allow for more natural gameplay
  • The new VR controller is tracked by the VR headset, this should delay input times and reduce any lag.
  • Each controller will have specific buttons assigned to it. Allowing gaming tasks to be split between both hands, keeping the player immersed in the experience.

PSVR 2, PlayStation,

Unfortunately, we have not had any information on what the new headset will look like yet, what do you think it will look like?

It is clear that Sony PlayStation are investing vast resources into PSVR. Expect big things from PSVR 2. It is coming and here at KOODOO we stand behind virtual reality, because what is good for gaming is good for gamers!

KOODOO will be selling PSVR 2 hardware and software, download the app and keep your eyes on our socials for breaking news surrounding the PSVR 2. Also expect reviews and unboxings soon!

PS:  If you were wondering what the world’s fastest selling console is, it’s the PS5 😊

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