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PSVR2 | Here's Why You Should Be Excited

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PSVR2, Horizon


The Hype Is Real

PSVR2 has an official launch date of 22 February 2023!

The announcement by Sony confirms that virtual reality will not be a flash in the pan. Sony, like many other technology giants, is investing in virtual reality as the next step in gaming. Importantly, it is not just a hardware investment, but a software one too. With launch support for first party titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain, and franchises such as Resident Evil, No Mans Sky and Star Wars, PSVR 2 is set to have an explosive launch. 

From the initial announcement of PSVR2 back in February 2021 Sony have drip fed us updates on PSVR2’s features, specifications and form. Updates are great, but what is it like to use the PSVR2? Does it take full advantage of the impressive hardware nestled in its frame? Some lucky journalists have been allowed hands on time with the PSVR2 and this is their verdict.

‘...I was supremely impressed with the PSVR2 though. I was already excited for Sony's new headset but having experienced it for myself, I fully expect it to breathe a new lease of life into the slightly stagnating world of virtual reality gaming. It really is a huge step forward for PSVR in general, but as a simple to use, easy to wear piece of hardware, I can see it being a huge hit with VR fans new and old.’ Eurogamer

‘The most important question is: Are the games cool in VR? Let me put it plainly: The feel of the headset absolutely contributes to the in-game experience, making play in the worlds on offer more immersive than I anticipated going into the demonstrations.’ The Washington Post

‘I tried Sony’s new headset for the first time and was caught off guard by how stunning two of its marquee games, Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village, looked. They didn’t rely on particles or stylized art direction; they looked like AAA console games that just happened to be in VR.’ Polygon

With an official launch date, pricing, hardware specifications, software and the design of the headset confirmed, we have ticked all boxes on our way to launch. As if that were not enough, we are then teased with glowing reviews on the PSVR2 experience. Sony, enough already, take my money!

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