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Two Point Studios’ critically acclaimed hospital management simulator, Two Point Hospital is coming to PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, to the first half of 2020. No official date has been given beyond this vague 2020 allusion, but for now, console players will have to wait little while longer than initially thought.


Mark Webley, Game Director at Two Point Studios, had confirmed “Our community have asked for Two Point Hospital on consoles for a while now and we want to make sure we deliver a game that can be enjoyed to the fullest on all platforms.” He had also went on to say “This means we will need a little bit more time to optimise the game to ensure the best possible experience across all platforms.”


For further information on the change of release date, visit Two Point Studios official blog post here:


For more information about all things Two Point Hospital visit, where you can also sign up for Hospital Pass. You can follow the game on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. For more information about SEGA Europe, log on here , follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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