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Holuas Arcades | KOODOO

Holuas Arcades

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Platform: PC


Get ready to dive back into the pure joy of gaming with Holuas Arcades! Youve got a chance to relive the classics that made arcade gaming legendary. Prepare yourself for four thrilling games inspired by the genres all-time favorites. From challenging platformers that require mad skills to epic space battles and classic beat em-up action. Its like having four arcade machines right at your fingertips!

For the geeks! Some extra details about games in this collection:

Dont Mess With Rick
A pulp story lead by highly animated graphics and exciting gameplay is the recipe to celebrate the 90s, the arcade beatem up golden decade. This street rumble is set across four different stages. After being kicked out of his mob family by his father, Rick seeks for his revenge by beating all its members and aiming to become the new boss. While not engaged by typical bonus stages and cutscenes, the player is armed with a rich combat system made up by combos, clinch, projections, parries, and counterattacks, as well as handy and throwing weapons like knives or nunchuks. Furthermore, a loading bar allows him to perform four super special, ultra scenic moves. Fight on your way through huge bosses, replicant ninjas, dangerous traps, rabid dogs, and ... the fury of your own bloodline!

Crescent Moon
A fast and canonical horizontal shoot em up to instantly jump into the action! Destroy the army of Trixion, the cosmic tyrant who wants to conquer Holua! Collect and swap five different weapons, multiple directional shot bonuses, and optional pods which assist you in the battle. Avoid and memorize environment traps and face huge bosses on every stage. Find secrets hidden here and there. The score system rewards your ability to collect multiplier bonuses without losing a life (no miss).

Heist Of The Ninja
Directly from an alternative 1983, a single-screen game targeting all the golden era fans! Help Koji the ninja in his heist mission, seek the rooms and steal treasures without getting caught by the guards! You can jump the obstacles and shoot the enemies; digging the furnishings always rewards you with something! The mythological single screen paradigm comes back armed with shurikens and other special bonuses!

Peng Peng
What about a cute game? A single-screen platformer game featuring a local co-op mode? Like wiping out all the monsters to move on the next round and collecting a lot of fruits and sweeties? Yeah, Peng Peng dives you back into that feelings, and its designed for every kind of player: casuals, speed-runners and score catchers. The gameplay lets you solve each round by using speed or tactics. Two different players coming to the same point can gather extremely different scores depending by how they approached the game. Set the action across four different worlds to rescue the Frost Orb kidnapped by evil Von Pega! Try to dig out the secret rooms and reach the hidden ending sequence! Meet a huge boss at the end of each 10-rounds single world and prepare for a LOT of secret bonuses and special events!


Ladies and gents, meet Lyn, the vivacious player of Holuas arcade room!
Lyn is also the hero of FANTASY NETWORK, an upcoming high-resolution cartoonish metroidvania game. So TRY THE DEMO level hidden just outside the arcade room and uncover the connections between the arcade games and the overarching plot!

Holuas Arcades sales will support Fantasy Network development. Any feedback is much appreciated!

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Minimum Requirements

Windows OS: Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 510 Storage: 1250 MB available space

Recommended Requirements

"In order to activate this game, you will require a third-party Steam account. For full details on how to activate please follow this link:"