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Sugar Shack | KOODOO

Sugar Shack

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Platform: PC


Welcome to the Sugar Shack! Located at the center of a world that seems stuck in the middle of an eternal spring, this cozy little place of joy and syrupy goodness is now all yours. Fire up the oven, strike the earth, tap some maple, and revive the land around the shack. Improve the home’s reputation by welcoming customers, selling produce, and baking home-made products to create a sense of community all around. Bring life and happiness to a new, magical world - on your own or together with friends!

Cozy and Relaxing

● Steeped in Quebec's rich folklore, Sugar Shack is all about progress at your own pace and a relaxing, cozy experience.

● Head out to harvest maple sap, pick berries, or tend to the garden. Or, stay inside, cook away, and focus on meeting the locals to help them out with their quests.

● Maybe try your hand at world building by customizing tiles, placing items around the world, and customizing your own space! Together With Friends

● Join 1-4 friends to lay out the world, gather resources, split the effort, and share in the rewards. Design a personal room to showcase your cozy style.

● Work together to serve the customers and make the Shack a total success. Customize The World

● That's right, the entire map can be customized: Pick and choose your hexes, including weather, biomes, trees, buildings and more.

● Choose the position and location of buildings, hiking paths, resources production, and even how the rivers flow.

● Each hexagonal tile interacts with the ones around it, generating positive and negative effects. Unlocking new quests, resources, and opportunities. No two worlds are going to be the same, so experiment endlessly! A Look Like No Other

● The art design deliberately invokes the signature palette of rich oil paintings, meticulously translated into the digital space.

● Experience quests and NPCs inspired by tales from Quebec like “La Chasse Galerie,” or “La Corriveau.” Meet characters from these stories and discover them throughout the world!