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4IR - The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Impact on Traditional Sport

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

4IR or The Fourth Industrial Revolution in undoubtedly one of the most trending topics this year. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how does it impact the gaming world?

The fourth industrial revolution is the integration of the internet, virtual and artificial intelligence to our day to day activities.

Electronic Sport (E-sport)s, is slowly becoming a household name. With various E-sport events happening around the world. The movement is usually attracting investors and a great audience. The recently held European Games had E-sports under its cultural programs. Although this is a good start, it will be revolutionary if Gamers got more recognition in the next coming events.

As much as E-sports is not physical, it takes as much time and practice for one to become a great professional drone player. With the Olympics happening next year in Tokyo, which is one of the heart cities for gamers. The World will be looking forward to what the event organizers have installed for us. They will definitely have a whole E-sport tournament happening as they launched an E-sports hotel in the city.

We're moving to a point whereby, we will have the virtual world integrated into traditional sports and have new innovative sporting activities emerging. By 2024, we hope that E-Sports will be recognized at the Paris Olympic Games and other big tournaments like the Rugby World Cup. After all, we will be playing competitive games, just not in the traditional way.

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