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New Release | DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

Dualsense Edge, SONY, New Release, KOODOO, Pre-Order
Gamescon 2022 kicked off with a surprise from PlayStation, a brand-new e-sports inspired PlayStation 5 controller. DualSense Edge wireless controller for PS5 launches globally on January 26 and Pre-orders begin next Tuesday, 25th October.

 Excitingly, this new controller will have both hardware and software functionality! Features supported by the software will be the ability to save custom profiles. Set up your controller exactly how you like it for each genre of game you play, then save these profiles and access them on the move with the custom profile feature. The dedicated Fn button will allow for quickly adjusting game and chat mixes and accessing the controller profile settings in game.

The functionality on the hardware is where the new controller shines. You can expect the usual features found in ‘pro’ controllers. Customisable dead zones and sensitivity settings on the joy sticks, fully integrated back buttons, mappable buttons and customisable travel distance and sensitivity on the triggers. The joy sticks and back buttons can be changed out, allowing gamers to customise the feel of the controller.

Something we are looking forward to is the ability to change out the stick modules. What does this mean? Essentially, if your controller develops the dreaded ‘stick drift’, or your sticks start to show their age and use, you can now replace the joystick module.

Dualsense Edge, SONY, New Release, KOODOO, Pre-Order


Expect the full functionality of the DualSense controller, getting the edge does not mean sacrificing the immersion of the original PlayStation 5 controller.

Xbox has the elite controller, which is now well into its second iteration (with rumours of a third on the way), Nintendo has the Pro controller, SCUF and Nacon have been making ‘PRO’ controllers for years. It is now Sony’s time to showcase their play in this space. I cannot wait to get my hands on this!


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