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The Sound Of Something Big Hitting Comic-Con 2019 – KOODOO!!

Posted by Koodoo Gamefinity on

All Set For Comic Con Africa 2019

An entirely new level of BOSS vs Ultimate Gamer kind of excitement, the on the edge of your seat deals that will bring about shouts of joy with just two words …KOODOO…COMIC-CON… That’s right, KOODOO will be situated opposite the PlayStation stand at Comic-Con, so drop by (say hi 😊), and check us out – you might just stumble across some crazy Comic-Con-Exclusive deals.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – another gaming store? Well, not quite, because we at KOODOO maintain a unique cutting edge. Since we act as the retail wing of both GameFinity and FilmFinity, we maintain direct contact with some of the world’s leading brands. These brands include Sony PlayStation, Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment, Capcom, Bethesda, EXG, Nacon, Disney, Sony Pictures – any many more!

What does this mean? Well, whilst other stores might simply sell products – we represent an organic lead within South Africa, a touchpoint which the market so richly deserves. Our direct affiliations also represent opportunities for unique bundles, exclusive deals, and exclusive content – keep tabs on our site for more details.

We are honestly super excited for Comic Con Africa 2019, and could not have hoped for a better event to showcase our products, brands, and values. So, suit up, and get ready as Comic-Con Africa 2019 gains a new player.

Hope to see you there!



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